The Nikon Z 8 firmware v.2.0 is here!

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With a host of new features, this firmware update is like getting a whole new camera – for free!

The first major update for the Nikon Z 8 is here – and it’s a huge one. With a long list of innovations borrowed from the Nikon Z 9 and Z f, the improved and expanded Z 8 is about to become even more compelling. There are more than 30 features and upgrades new to the Z 8 that will take your work to another level, especially for wildlife, landscapes, product imaging and video.


Auto Capture on the Nikon Z 8

First up, Auto Capture comes to the Z 8. This popular feature of the Z 9 is fantastic for wildlife photographers, as you can leave the camera set up in a habitat to do its work. Three conditions settings from the Z 9 are the same: the camera can be set to detect motion, a subject at a specific distance, or a particular type of subject. Bird recognition has now been added to person, animal and vehicle recognition. Plus, the Z 8’s smaller dimensions mean the camera remains well hidden from shy animals and birds. And, for the first time, Auto Capture is now compatible with the DX image area.


Pixel Shift for stunning, hi-res detail

First introduced in the Nikon Z f, Pixel Shift has now arrived for the Nikon Z 8. This allows you to take images up to 180MP – perfect for large-scale works and sessions where you need the output to have as much detail as possible. It’s user-friendly and easy to operate, and there is increasing adoption of the capability by third-party editing software manufacturers.


Other updates include improvements to Pre-Release Capture, with better AF and more time available pre-release, three picture controls for Rich Tone Portrait, Flat Monochrome and Deep Tone Monochrome (first seen on the Nikon Z f), and the ability to exit magnification using the shutter release.


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Nikon magazine assets for the Z 8 firmware update article
Nikon magazine assets for the Z 8 firmware update article
Using the new Pixel Shift technology | Stills: Taylor Gray & Soichi Hayashi
Video upgrades

For those who film video, the Nikon Z 8 update means a raft of new features, equivalent to the Z 9. These include an expanded N-Log low ISO range, new slow-motion video capability and new options for hi-res zoom speed, managed by a lens’ control ring. There are updates to non-CPU lens data, options to change the video playback speed and support for power zoom lenses. The ability to acquire timecodes while operating the camera during video recording also makes it more suitable for professional shooting environments, enabling a smooth video editing process. Further support for the Nikon MC-N10 remote grip also means that now it can be used simultaneously with Atomos AirGlu to synchronise timestamps between cameras.


EVF gets even better

The electronic viewfinder is even easier to use, with an adjustment to the focus point outline making it easier to see, three options for magnified frame by frame reviewing (keep current position, face detection priority and focus point priority), a new info and menu display when the camera is in vertical mode, and an improved display of memory card time remaining for video.


Increase your control

The famous user-friendliness and huge levels of control of Nikon cameras are even better on the Z 8 with firmware v.2.0. There are new increment steps available for auto bracketing, an exposure delay mode, new shutter sound and volume options and nine new custom control functions including eye switching, power zoom, Pixel Shift, playback speed, frame advance and more.


Stay connected

Finally, in terms of connectivity, the Nikon Z 8 with firmware v.2.0 has increased profile storage in the ‘connect to FTP server’ menu, priority upload options in the i menu, and improvements to how the Z 8 interacts with both NX MobileAir and NX Field. Camera settings can now be saved to your phone via NX MobileAir and NX Field has increased the number of groups set to synch release to 20, while the maximum number of remote cameras that can be controlled by a master camera has been increased from ten to 16.


For easy instructions on how to install firmware updates and to download the free Nikon Z 8 firmware v.2.0 click here.

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The Nikon Z 8 firmware v.2.0 is here!


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